Emergency loans

We are all, at one stage likely to face an emergency. An emergency is an unplanned and unforeseen occurrence which befall us . However in recent times more and more people are planning and thinking of emergencies or unplanned future events. We are taking insurances whether short term or long term to guard against the unplanned happenings. Due to the current explosive economic conditions, even our planning is not enough or we cannot afford such planning.
After all, you can only reserve funds for emergency only after paying all the basic needs. It is unimaginable for a person who barely can afford to buy bread and milk to reserve funds for emergency. Perhaps that is the reason why whether you can foresee an something happening in the future, you still cannot plan or save for it simply because you cannot afford it.

Until recently, emergency loans were unknown in South Africa. With increasing costs of living, caused by ever increasing fuel prices, electricity and food prices more people are unable to meet some occurrences such as bills for fixing a broken motor vehicle, school fees, burial expenses, medical expenses, municipal bills, credit cards payments, store cards monthly payments to mention just a few. This are not emergency expenses but part of everyday life.
Well, the answer is quite simply. You cannot imagine a South African without a credit card or personal loan. Once you open a bank account, you bank will very soon , be offering you a credit cards and petrol card. Why, because is part of their business – making money from us by lending money through nicely clothed credit cards and petrol cards. This is the same with store cards whether clothing or furniture. Most of us will use the credit card money or credit in our store cards as our own. Very soon we would have reached our limit and tough luck, we cannot use our credit cards and store cards for emergency.
After exhausting the limit on our credit cards, we would now be offered a personal loan by these very same banking institution. With most of us having these personal loans, plus credit cards debt we are now living on credit. We work and earn money for our creditors and we are left with zilch, Zero Zero. Within a day of getting paid your salary, your hard earned money is gone, Your creditors got away with it…
Now with the loan assessment now based on affordability rather than what you are earning, more people are unable to qualify for larger instant loans.
The only hope in cases of emergency such as a burst geyser, broken car ect. Emergency loans offer solution. These are usually, loans payable within 33 days and in most instances on your next salary date. These small loans if you can call them that way. Normally emergency loans are between R100-R3000 for the first time applicant and the amount is increased to anything from R8000 – R15000 depending on your earning capacity and ability to make repayment.

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